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Welcome to the Newborough Landscape Protection Group’s Homepage

It has now been over a year that we have been raising awareness about Peterborough City Council’s Plan to industrialise Grade 1 and 2 land with power stations.

Not only is this area producing some of the best quality arable crops in the country – supplying companies like Weetabix – but it is also home to some of Britain’s best archaeology and diverse wildlife.

In this area we are fortunate to have many national monuments protected by English Heritage. Such as Duck Decoy; bronze-age burial barrows; Must Farm and Flag Fen sites; Thorney and Crowland Abbeys to name just a few. The entire area is vital to international archaeology because of the organic deposits made by our ancestors which can not only shed light on neolithic, bronze and iron age settlements, but also help scientists find ways to utilise ancient pollen and plants in the development of new medicines.

We are also home to rare bat species; migrating birds such as the Great Egret; red category protected native species including eagles and hawks and flora and fauna unique to the fen landscape.

We are lucky to currently enjoy the support of Stewart Jackson MP, Stuart Agnew MEP and cross-party support from local councillors representing the Independents, Conservatives and Labour.  We are also supported by UKIP. Recently we have gained support from leading archaeologists and our campaign has been brought to the attention of several government ministers.

We do not, however, endorse any political party and have no intention of doing so.  We are a local organisation committed to protecting our unique Fen Land Landscape.

It is also vital to state that we are not anti-renewables. In our attempts to learn about responsible and community focused renewable schemes which protect the countryside and develop communities we have come into contact with an organisation called EMPower Social Enterprise. We have been amazed at how they turn run down and impoverished areas into beautiful hubs of enterprise for local people. True micro-generation which uses renewable techniques to develop local communities.

The Newborough Landscape Protection Facebook page can be accessed here.

Peterborough City Council’s Plan’s can be found here.

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3 thoughts on “About us

  1. This proposal to build a solar panel farm on top quality agricultural land, put 17 farming families out of their homes appears to be no more than a money and power game by the council. I cannot see that it is anything to do do with “green energy” because if it was the proposals would be wishing to site the solar panel farm on waste land or commercial buildings; anywhere but on prime agricultural land. The growing group of local people are certainly not NIMBY’s!

  2. How do I register my objection to these plans? You need to make a link to where ever it is visible on your homepage!

    • Thanks for this, at the moment there are no open consultations. You can find out how to help by visiting our how to help page. Simply subscribing is a good start to get the latest news delivered to your inbox. We make sure we never send junk and it is easy to unsubscribe.

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