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Council vote to accept a review of the proposed Wind and Solar Farm 10.10.12

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Full story to follow

Cllr Harrington’s motion to stop the proposed Wind and Solar Farms was undermined by Cllr. Sandford (leader of the Liberals) whose amendment was passed by 23 to 21 votes.

There was a lot of demonstration in the public gallery as one or two of the councillors made unfortunate accusations against the tenant farmers and their supporters.  Other councillors brought shame on themselves by playing on their Ipads whilst the future of several communities hung in the balance.  Once upon a time Britain was proud of its agricultural heritage.

Whilst Sandford’s decision to undermine Harrington’s motion is disappointing,  we must be practical.  The amendment has requested a review into the proposal which Cllr. Cereste has indicated will allow the local residents and tenant farmers to share their views.

It is imperative that we do this and show our solidarity in support of our tenant farmers and the future of our community.  Do we want to see our local community surrounded by 8 foot high corrugated iron fences where once we saw hard working farmers? Do we want to see the solar farms attract metal thieves and other criminals into our community? Do we want to see our house prices plummet?  Do you want to have a voice or are you willing to be a member of the silent majority who complain to your neighbours about how you hate the new solar park and wind turbines in 2-3 years time when they are built?

Please write an objection letter or attend one of our meetings.

Full report of the council meeting will follow.


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