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Peterborough City Council suggests that the Wind and Solar Farm is not 3000 acres but 900 acres

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Peterborugh City Council (PCC) had an extraordinary meeting discussing the proposed Wind and Solar Farm.  It is suggested that the feasibility report recommends a total use of 900 acres for the renrewable parks.

This may appear to be good news and suggest your campaigning has had an impact.  Yet tenant farmers will still be losing the land which makes their businesses viable.  The figures that PCC have quoted in their July Report no longer seem honest.  In fact there are indications that a gamble with £100 – 450 million pounds is likely to give at best a return of £1.5 million a year for 20-25 years.  £30-42 million rather than the $100+ million quoted by the councils report from July.

It is highly likely that policing the solar farms and the impact upon local infastructure will cost more than £1.5 million a year.

There are other more farming and community solutions out there.  Does PCC want to “punch above its weight” by becoming innovative or just trudging down a path which could potentially lead to more significant cuts to Peterborough services.

A more detailed and accurate report will be written once the figures are released by the council.


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