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Further Evidence that the PCC has no intention to consult residents!

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The NLPG have been asking PCC for any information regarding their feasibility studies or possible problems with proceeding.

This group has emailed PCC employees many times asking for this information – and at every turn we have been told that AECOM – the company they are paying £1 million – have not finished their studies and there is no information to share. (Note they are paying about £100,000 a month to AECOM at a time when they are shutting Care Homes which they claim they cannot afford to run at about £100,000 a month!)

We asked if they had submitted any form of planning application including pre-planning (Screening) or otherwise.  Each time we were told that they would not do this before consulting local residents.

Imagine our surprise when one of our members discovered hidden away on the Peterborough City Centre Web Page a Screening (Pre planning application) for the Wind/Solar Farms and a Housing development.

These documents are available to download below so you can be aware of the extent these proposals with have on the environment. (Note this is not a full disclosure but just a small selection of the problems)  It is clear from this behaviour that AECOM and PCC wish to hide information from residents.  This raises the question “What else are they hiding?”

We will be looking and we continue to seek as much support to protect our homes, our communities and our countryside for future generations.

Thorney – Wind, Solar and Power station.

Flag Fen – Solar Farm

Newborough – Wind and Solar Farm

Thorney – Housing Development

Please write your letter to support Cllr. Harrington.  Click here



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