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Statement from David Harrington about the proposed Solar and Wind Farms

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Statement from David Harrington, Leader of the Peterborough Independents

I have now had confirmation that the financials of this solar project has NOT been endorsed from any of the professional consultants involved in the council’s £450 million pound solar and wind planning application.

Neither consultants Deloitte (financial advisors) or Pinsent Mason (lawyers) have verified the figures.

So how can we be sure this project will not eventually bankrupt Peterborough?

I belive that this project could be dead in the water within the next five years with technological advancements and possible changes of government policies regarding feed-in tariffs.

This also begs the question – why has the council paid out our hard-earned taxpayers cash to these ‘national experts’ if we still can’t be sure if the figures are correct?

There are actually three options being considered for this project.

Option 2 – sees a total cost of £451 million to get this project off the ground, which includes interest of over £120 million pounds – why is the council lost its mind to subject taxpayers of Peterborough to such a risky project for what – just £21.9 million net income?

Again, could this project not eventually bankrupt Peterborough?


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