Newborough Landscape Protection Group

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Reminder – NLPG meeting at Thorney Golf Course – Monday 15 April @ 7pm

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As always would love to see as many of you as possible.

At this meeting we will be talking about the 41 new wind turbines and PCC’s 7ft high security-fenced solar fields (covering 2 x size of Ferry Meadows) which are destroying our local farm-land.

All of this at a time when there is worldwide food shortage.  In the US investors are paying over 100 times the cost of land to protect their farmers.  In Britain land prices have doubled in a year.  Yet this local government is willing to industrialise our land so that they can make a few million over 25 years.  This is not a GREEN policy – turning countryside into industrial wasteland is not environmentally friendly. 

In the US and Europe governments turn wasteland into energy parks.  In Berlin they are going to build some of the largest solar and wind parks on wasteland away from residents.  Only politicians with no foresight or care for their residents would build so close to people’s homes on farmland.

Think about it – this plan will mean that locally we will lose over 200 million loaves of bread and nearly 2 million tonnes of potatoes. 

Hopefully see you all on Monday.


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