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Milking Nook Turbine at Long Meadow – Deadline for Objections extended to 9 June – template for objection available here

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(Whilst this group is not active against this proposal – we will support local residents who wish to protect Milking Nook and Peakirk)


We just received this information tonight.  No reason has been given to us yet.

This proposal threatens a Bronze Age Barrow, the Countryside conservation area around Freshwater Drain, Barn Owl nests and potential Bat roosting.  A wind turbine would be catastrophic for these.

If you would like to object then we have received this template from a local resident.

Download it here

Feel free to edit it – this application uses the local planning guidelines to make the objections more focused. (If you would like to do the same for Newborough, Morris Fen and America Farms you can read the plan here)

If you would like to email it send it to

FAO: M.Roberts 13/00438/FUL


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