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Solar Power Station decision deferred. English Heritage and Secretary of State lodge strong objections.

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It is worth noting that English Heritage suggest that they were not properly consulted – this is why they submitted a late objection.  It should have been up to the Peterborough Local Planning Authority to prove that they are independent by approaching statutory consultees like English Heritage and Natural England correctly.  

We must state that we have approached Cllr. Cereste and his executive on numerous occasions about possible alternative  plans which would use brownfield sites or other types of renewable schemes.  He has never taken us up on the offer – despite publicly saying he would do so.  However, it is NOT our job to find alternative schemes, why doesn’t he have a plan B which could safeguard Peterborough’s finances and our unique landscape?  Other councils manage to do this – why can’t ours?

Cllr. Cereste has publicly said opponents to this scheme threaten front-line services in Peterborough.

This is not true – as his own actions prove.

It is his council  which shuts children’s playgroups and care-homes.  

It is his council which wastes millions on ill-thought out schemes.

It is his council which wants to industrialise profitable farmland.  

It is his council which will not listen to the people who vote for them.

It is his council which does not have a Plan B.  

Time for Cllr. Cereste to start thinking about what Peterborough actually needs.



A BIG THANK YOU – to everyone who joined us outside Peterborough Town Hall today

What a fantastic effort from everyone who attended the protest and those that have supported us throughout the past year.  The protest was fun and in the best possible spirit.  We showed the Peterborough City Council Executive that we value our countryside and our farmers, and that we are willing to stand up for what we believe in.

It was a good result today because two tenant farmers have had a temporary reprieve from eviction, which we hope will soon become permanent.  We have also safeguarded our precious landscape from industrialisation for a little longer.

We have achieved something positive today so give yourselves a big round of applause.  But remember we cannot afford to rest on our laurels!

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Peterborough Poet Laureate pens poem in support of our Campaign

We received this fun poem from Simon Stabler.

As Peterborough’s Poet Laureate, it’s my duty to write semi-topical things on the state of the city.

Best Wishes


Marco the Merciless 

Like a sci-fi villain, he wants to harvest the power of the sun

When it comes to megalomania, he’ll never be outdone

From a lid on the Lido to a fleet of cable cars

His vision for our city is nothing short of bizarre

He’s really surpassed himself with his latest bonkers plan

To install solar panels at the expense of prime farmland

People are up in arms, they think it is absurd …

There is more – but we thought we would just give you a taste.  Come on Monday if you want to read the rest.

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We need your help – TV cameras to cover our demonstration 17th June

We have been asked by the BBC if they could cover our demonstration.  Other companies have also expressed an interest and there may be quite a few reporters and camera crews present.

To make sure that we best represent the views of local people we would love as many of you to turn up as possible.

We are starting at 3.30pm to briefly tell people about what we can and cannot do.  It is essential that we protest lawfully.

The demonstration will carry on for approx. 1 or 2 hours outside the Town Hall.

If anyone cannot make it at 3.30pm – do not worry we will have someone at the meeting point to tell you where to go until the protest ends.

It is also worth noting that many of you may have received a letter about the English Heritage asking for the plans to be deferred.  We need to let you know that it is possible that the Council will ignore the advice they receive and still pass the plans.


All welcome – so bring your family and join the other families who are joining us after school (4pm-)

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English Heritage object to Solar Power Station – LPA change advice

English Heritage sent a new representation to Peterborough City Council on Tuesday.

This has changed the advice from Peterborough Local Planning Authority.

Friday 7th June – the LPA had recommended that the solar power station near Thorney be built.

We were very distressed at this – as the LPAs report seemed one-sided in favour of the applicant, their employers PCC.

Yet the new advice from the LPA is to defer the planning meeting until the archaeology can be carried out.

Whilst this is welcomed – the Planning Committee can override this advice.

It is also worth noting that for the hard working farmers tending this land – this decision prolongs the torture that the PCC has placed upon them.  Many local people have suggested that the application be rejected – and Peterborough City Council requested to put together a new renewable scheme which would make more money and be built on an alternative brown-field site.


Planning Committee Meeting 17th June – Information – How you can help

We are planning a demonstration against the plans to build a power station on agricultural land.

We shall meet near the exit of the Cathedral Car Park at 3.30.  We have some banners, but feel free to bring your own.

If you would like to attend the planning committee meeting then it would be a good idea to contact the planning office to inform them of this.  (It is expected to be quite busy)

Any questions just post a comment on here and we will try to get back in touch before Monday.