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English Heritage object to Solar Power Station – LPA change advice

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English Heritage sent a new representation to Peterborough City Council on Tuesday.

This has changed the advice from Peterborough Local Planning Authority.

Friday 7th June – the LPA had recommended that the solar power station near Thorney be built.

We were very distressed at this – as the LPAs report seemed one-sided in favour of the applicant, their employers PCC.

Yet the new advice from the LPA is to defer the planning meeting until the archaeology can be carried out.

Whilst this is welcomed – the Planning Committee can override this advice.

It is also worth noting that for the hard working farmers tending this land – this decision prolongs the torture that the PCC has placed upon them.  Many local people have suggested that the application be rejected – and Peterborough City Council requested to put together a new renewable scheme which would make more money and be built on an alternative brown-field site.


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