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Peterborough Poet Laureate pens poem in support of our Campaign

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We received this fun poem from Simon Stabler.

As Peterborough’s Poet Laureate, it’s my duty to write semi-topical things on the state of the city.

Best Wishes


Marco the Merciless 

Like a sci-fi villain, he wants to harvest the power of the sun

When it comes to megalomania, he’ll never be outdone

From a lid on the Lido to a fleet of cable cars

His vision for our city is nothing short of bizarre

He’s really surpassed himself with his latest bonkers plan

To install solar panels at the expense of prime farmland

People are up in arms, they think it is absurd …

There is more – but we thought we would just give you a taste.  Come on Monday if you want to read the rest.


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