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Solar Power Station decision deferred. English Heritage and Secretary of State lodge strong objections.

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It is worth noting that English Heritage suggest that they were not properly consulted – this is why they submitted a late objection.  It should have been up to the Peterborough Local Planning Authority to prove that they are independent by approaching statutory consultees like English Heritage and Natural England correctly.  

We must state that we have approached Cllr. Cereste and his executive on numerous occasions about possible alternative  plans which would use brownfield sites or other types of renewable schemes.  He has never taken us up on the offer – despite publicly saying he would do so.  However, it is NOT our job to find alternative schemes, why doesn’t he have a plan B which could safeguard Peterborough’s finances and our unique landscape?  Other councils manage to do this – why can’t ours?

Cllr. Cereste has publicly said opponents to this scheme threaten front-line services in Peterborough.

This is not true – as his own actions prove.

It is his council  which shuts children’s playgroups and care-homes.  

It is his council which wastes millions on ill-thought out schemes.

It is his council which wants to industrialise profitable farmland.  

It is his council which will not listen to the people who vote for them.

It is his council which does not have a Plan B.  

Time for Cllr. Cereste to start thinking about what Peterborough actually needs.


One thought on “Solar Power Station decision deferred. English Heritage and Secretary of State lodge strong objections.

  1. Hi, attended demo outside Town Hall today with my husband. Everyone was so friendly even police directing us, where necessary. It was so warming to meet up with everyone hell-bent on justice for our countryside. Over the past few weeks have attended meetings and this one today proved we are all deadly serious about the issue of panels and turbines on prime arable land and not prepared to bury our heads in the sand.. It’s painfully obvious this plan, and probably further ones still in the pipeline, was kept under wraps by our Council and we must be grateful for our mp bringing the matter to the government’s attention . Thank goodness for councillors and mps who really care and are keen to protect our historic heritage. No serious thought would appear to have been gone into these proposals nor the concerns coming to light now inasmuch as the turbines are not proven to do their job as originally thought nor do they last 25 years. Who will put all the wrongs right when the turbines break down. Who will remove all the concrete from the badly damaged land which has taken many hundreds of years to turn into prime arable land from flooded land below sea level. Will the council rush in to solve the problems when the damage has been done? This Council seems get its facts wrong about many things. With regard to solar panels, why use prime agricultural land when there are dozens of other sites available?

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