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Our gallery is now open

Many thanks for the photographs I am receiving.

View our new gallery here.

If you have any photographs please remember I need to know if you would like them uploaded under a

Creative Commons license – Find out about it here.  It allows you to keep copyright of your photos and it allows you to limit the use of the photos.

Or a Public domain license – find out about it here.  This allows anyone to use your photographs.

We want to stress that anything we upload will only be used to promote our beautiful countryside – and control over your photographs will be left up to you as far as possible.



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Photographers – we would like to create a gallery of our unique landscape

If you have any photographs which show our wildlife, countryside or ancient monuments in its glory – then please could you forward them to:

We are proud of our landscape and heritage and we want to show the rest of the world why!

We must state that we cannot pay for these photographs as we are a voluntary group and would put them on our webpage with a creative commons licence.

In other words you would retain the copyright (and your email address would be printed underneath) – and if anyone wished to use them then they would have to contact you directly.

If you wished to remain anonymous then I would publish them as public domain – meaning anyone can use them for their personal use.

Thanks and I hope to get some photos soon.