Newborough Landscape Protection Group

Help us to protect our community

Our webpage is one year old today. Please help us celebrate by taking a photo of the countryside you want to protect from development.

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Here are just a few of your achievements:

Helped involve the DCLG and English Heritage in protecting our heritage.

A peaceful demonstration bringing the rural communities together to show our opposition to PCCs plan to destroy tenanted farming in Peterborough.

Successfully opposed Milking Nook Turbine.

Raised awareness of the impending destruction of Thorney’s landscape by excessive development of Wind Turbines and supported the work of other groups in this area.

Raised awareness of changing the use of local countryside into transient traveller sites.

Met with Empower a Renewables company who work with local communities to produce sensitive and appropriate Green energy Schemes which are less risky.

Exposed the massive spend by PCC on projects which just are not working or appropriate. Freeman’s and the Solar Power Stations on America Farm, Newborough Farms and Morris Fen. Currently 1m+ on Freeman’s and anything upwards of £1.8m on Solar power stations. (We are not sure though because the leader of the project John Harrison wasn’t sure when asked in Rural Scrutiny)

Can the NLPG thank you for your hard work in the past year and in the future.

Happy Birthday



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