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Archaeology findings at proposed solar site

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Read the Peterborough Telegraph account here

Read the transcript to the BBC radio coverage here

it is interesting to note that it seems as if PCC were not too keen on releasing this discovery.

We can only imagine it is because the digs are not appropriate for a fenland environment.  It’s also interesting to note that on one hand the PCC declares its interest to preserve heritage, but insists on doing the archaeological digs in a manner they know has the potential to destroy the archaeology in the fens.

Also interesting to note that our council who need to make £30 million to fill the black hole in their finances continues to spend significant funds of money.  Not that we are against investment in Peterborough, but either we are near the edge of bankruptcy and need to save a few 100,000 from axing bus services and care for the elderly or we can afford millions to spend on a new stand at London Road, a new pedestrian area near the station and a hand out to the developers of the toll road on the A14.  So far it seems we have committed at least 5 million to significant developments not withstanding the £1 million unpaid tax bill that poor financial management of a council scheme at an indus trial unit incurred.  All of this in a few short months..  It’s about time we were told if this budget deficit really exists or if it exists because this council is wasting money on pipe dreams concocted by well paid consultants.




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