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Meeting of the NLPG. Newborough Parish Hall 18.12.2013 @ 7.00.

We would love to see you all there. Apologies for the lack of updates. Life has been quite hectic for many of us.

Updates on Solar and Wind plans.
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Next year will be critical for protecting our community and saving Peterborough from a potentially disastrous scheme.

Cllr. Cereste said on the live debate on BBC Cambridge that the Solar Plans are needed to plug a £50 million black hole in Peterborough’s finances which will cripple the city by 2018.

Yet the solar plan will only make £21 million after 25 years. So when Peterborough council is £50 million in debt in 2018, these farms would still not have paid off the £120 million pound debt. In other words in 2018 these plans will see Peterborough about £170 million in debt. If subsidies disappear……. We all have reason to worry.