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French Farm Public Enquiry

Can we please ask as many of you as possible to attend the French Farm Public Enquiry.

Without sounding too negative there was some very questionable behaviour used by the applicant at the planning committee meeting to give the impression that this plan had local support.  It is vital that we show local support to prevent this development which has significant negative impacts on the local area. It is suggested that this plan has the potential to cause an aviation accident. Notwithstanding the huge impact upon the health and wellbeing of local residents and the detrimental impact on the historical landscape of Thorney, Eye and Newborough.

The inquiry starts at 10am Wednesday 4th March. It will sit for 12 days. 4-6; 10-13; 17-20 and 24 March. It may not take the full time, and after the first day sittings will commence at 9.30am. Is is held at Peterborough Football Club, Moys End Stand, London Road Stadium.

The public have the opportunity to speak at the enquiry and a separate evening public session is to be held on Thursday 5th March at 7.00pm. This will be held in Bedford Hall, Tank Yard, Station Road, Thorney, Peterborough, PE6 0QE.

Please be advised that you may speak at the public session or the enquiry, but we would recommend that you object on sound planning reasons. Contacting us or the French Farm team will help you prepare. We really would like you to speak, but are aware that you may be questioned and do not want you to be made to feel uncomfortable.


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Peterborough City Council still looking to build Solar Farms, despite warning from Minister

Please be aware the future of wind and solar is being discussed at Cabinet Monday 23.2.2015 and the agenda/reports can be obtained through the following link. This is despite warnings from Eric Pickles hat he has reservations about using farmland for large scale solar farms. For two and a half years our farmers have been living in limbo, and this cabinet still continue to waste millions on a scheme which is unlikely to come to fruition.

All the the while our services close. A few hundred cannot be found for a bowling green. Community services at libraries are being shut.

We we would welcome you to attend. We cannot speak, but if there is a show of people objecting it may be a timely reminder that we are watching them.

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For those who wish to object to Willow Farm turbines

Apologies for not doing this sooner. Due to personal circumstances we cannot organise every protest but we are willing to help groups who want to oppose.

As ever we can be contacted on



Some of you may wish to use this letter as a template to write a letter.

Some hints. This includes Peterborough planning, but you may also wish to use the National Planning Policy Framework too. It can be found here. 

It is also worth noting that you do not have to include all of this, pick and choose sections.

It is also important to support it with evidence. Do not use hearsay as this will not hold any weight. (If you have seen something then that is valid, just do not include anything which could be interpreted as rumour) If you have photos or newspaper clippings or expert opinions then include these.

Finally keep your emotion in check until the end. When discussing policy Keep it cold and detached. To close let the planning officer know how you feel.

Hope this helps.



Amanda McSherry
Planning Dept
Stewart House East Wing
St Johns Street
RE. Willow Hall Farm, Willow Hall Lane, Thorney, Peterborough.

Application 14/01136/FUL

Dear Miss McSherry

I am writing to register the strongest possible objection to the proposed wind turbines at Willow Hall Thorney.

Cumulative Impact CS20 from Peterborough Core Strategy (PCS) 2012

This development will significantly impact upon the landscape and the character of our unique Fenland. (Landscape 4: Peterborough Fens) The impact photographs supplied by the applicant and their agent is not representative of the impact it will have upon the landscape. They have been chosen to demonstrate a lesser impact. (You may wish to include some areas you use for dog walking, horse riding etc which will be damaged by this development)

Furthermore the cumulative impact of wind turbines needs to be considered. With over 140 wind turbines being planned in this area there is a real and serious threat to destroying the historic landscape of the area and archaeology which predates the Bronze Age. This not only threatens landscape character 4 :Peterborough Fens but also the heritage landscape.

Heritage and Historic Environment. CS17 (PCS) 2012

Cambridge University have in the past recommended extensive archaeological work being carried out before any development of this sort can begin in these areas. Moreover, the applicant does not seem to have submitted photographic evidence demonstrating the impact of the development upon the historic landscape, this should be submitted as part of the application. Much of the estimated impact is based upon the applicants’ opinion. No consideration is taken of the historic setting of Thorney and it’s historically significant Abbey and other listed heritage buildings. ( Again any additional information or photos about the impact on heritage would help the case)

Biodiversity and Geological consideration (CS21)

This area is well known for its wildlife. It is close to many Country Wildlife Sites and with numerous hedgerows and drains in the area there are significant threats to protected species such as birds, reptiles and insects. (Again add any information you have. Photographs of raptors or other protected species will help the case. Hearsay is not enough – although you can ask for a full assessment above and beyond what the applicant has done. Pay particular attention to hedgerows and the rich diversity that you can see in the nearby vicinity. This will counter the claims placed in the existing environmental impact assessment submitted by the applicants)

Whilst mitigation can take place the huge number of applications in the area will make relocation of these species impossible for the applicant. It will take years, if ever, for these species to return to the current status they enjoy. CS11 (PCS 2012) stipulates that renewable energy should not destroy diversity and no mitigation can guarantee that species will not have their habitats permanently destroyed by this development.

Moreover with so many applications gaining approval the mitigation conditions are going to challenge the Planning Control Department to uphold. I have serious concerns that rare species and flora will be destroyed and that the bio-diversity will be destroyed. In particular the Red Kites that fly in this area. Wind turbines of 130 metres will invade their flying space and present a significant threat to their existence.

Impact upon health OI 3 (PCS 2012)

The resonant noises associated with such developments can have a detrimental effect on wildlife and local residents. The potential disturbance to the local environment the light deprivation, flicker, noise and health hazards associated with wind turbines pose a significant risk upon local residents.  No community payments can mitigate the real and present danger this plan may have on people, especially those with health issues such as epilepsy. Case law suggests that local people have a right to a healthy life and minimal impact upon amenity. Emerging guidance from the DCLG stipulates that local communities should be listened to over such concerns and dismissing these will be sufficient for central government to call in such applications as has been the case across the UK. (If your family have any health issues which will be affected by this then please state them. Epilepsy, insomnia or any other condition which will exacerbated by these turbines must be stated here.)

Agriculture (PCS 2012) CS1 Settlement hierarchy and PP8 The Rural Economy.

Central government recognises the need for Britain to become more sustainable and as such land is classified to protect the best land from being used for development. The soil we have in the proposed areas is some of the best and most productive in the country. We need as much agricultural land as possible to produce the food we need. The reclassification of this land which will be needed to allow the scheme to go ahead will allow developers easier access to agricultural land. Whilst farming could continue on this land it will set a precedent for other developers to take such land out of use. A condition should be imposed insisting that this land is still used for farming and is not turned into an industrial site. I urge the planning committee to read the councils local plans which states:


Traffic CS14 (PCS 2012)

The construction of these turbines will require heavy traffic which will damage local roads and disrupt residents quality of life. Willow Hall Lane is totally unsuitable for heavy traffic. It is narrow with 90 degree bends. It is impractical for turbine blades of the size required for the 130 metre turbines to be transported along this narrow country thoroughfare.

The cumulative impact damage to the lane and verges already unsuitable for heavy vehicles would also make this road unsafe to other road users.

Other considerations including non-material considerations

The planning Department should also consider the impact these turbines have on the value of properties within the location. House prices are significantly diminished when a wind turbine is sited nearby. Even the treat of a wind turbine being built nearby will devalue a home significantly and in many cases make it impossible to sell and therefore worthless. No organisation / company should be allowed to render a family home worthless in the name of profit. Community funds would not

A National News paper reported recently the concerns that wind farms are being given around 30 million a year in compensation to switch off or slow down their turbines because half the electricity they make is not needed as the national grid is unable to cope with the extra power produced in high winds or periods of low demand. It would be unethical for these turbines to be given planning permission if there is the slightest possibility they could be switched off in the future.

As the Rt Hon Eric Pickles, Minister for Communities and Local Government, States:

“The need for renewable energy does not automatically override the environmental protections and planning concerns of local communities and that local topography should be a factor in assessing whether wind turbines have a damaging impact on the landscape.

To conclude the impact of this proposal far outweighs the benefits and I urge the Planning Committee to Stop the destruction of the East of Peterborough by rejecting this application.


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Register your views about French Farm: Planning Appeal. Deadline 21st July

Dear Sir/Madam

Section 77 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 (as amended)
Called-in Planning Application

Peterborough City Council has received notification from the National Planning Casework Unit
that the Secretary of State has called-in the following planning application for determination

Description: Construction of four additional wind turbines to a maximum height of 100 metres (to vertical blade tip) with ancillary infrastructure including temporary construction compound, access tracks and crane hardstandings
Site Location: French Farm French Drove Thorney Peterborough
Applicant: REG Windpower Limited
Start date: 4 June 2014

REFERENCE: APP/J0540/V/14/2220136

How the application will now be dealt with
The application will now be dealt with at a Public Inquiry, led by an independent Inspector from
the Planning Inspectorate, appointed on behalf of the Secretary of State. The Inquiry will follow a
‘bespoke’ timetable, which will be agreed in due course by the Applicant, Local Planning Authority
and Planning Inspectorate. The procedure to be followed is set out in the Town and Country
Planning (Inquiries Procedure) (England) Rules 2000, Statutory Instrument 2000/1624 (as
We will write to you again with information about the time, date and location of the Inquiry once
these details have been finalised.

Further information on the Inquiry Process can be found on the Planning Portal’s website
Viewing details of the planning application

Please go to to view the Committee
Report together with the plans and documents that formed the planning application.
The Secretary of State call-in letter and correspondence detailing the procedure from the Planning Inspectorate are also available.
Your comments

If you have submitted comments on the original application we will forward copies of these to the
Planning Inspectorate. These will be taken into account by the Planning Inspector in making a
decision on this application.

If you wish to withdraw your previous comments or make further representations you should write
directly to the Planning Inspectorate Customer Services Team at Planning Inspectorate,
Registry/Scanning, Room 3/26 Hawk Wing, Temple Quay House, 2 The Square, Temple Quay,
Bristol BS1 6PN

Please ensure that you quote reference number APP/J0540/V/14/2220136 in your
Please also note that if you are sending your comments by post the Planning Inspectorate require you to send them three copies of your correspondence.

The Planning Inspectorate will not acknowledge your letter. They will, however, ensure that your
letter is passed on to the Inspector dealing with the Inquiry. The Planning Inspectorate also will
forward copies of your correspondence to the applicant(s) and the Local Planning Authority.
Any comments which you wish to make on this appeal must be received by the Planning
Inspectorate by 21 July 2014, otherwise your representations will not be considered.

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Willow Farm – Application

Some of you may know that REGPower wish to build more wind turbines.

Details below: Remember use the public consultation to ask questions about how to express your views. It is better to put your views in writing addressed to the case officer.  It is also worth asking for a receipt if you send your comments by email.

Case Officer: Miss A McSherry
Our Ref: 14/01136/FUL

The Council has received an application for:

Reference: 14/01136/FUL

Proposal: Construction of 5 (five) wind turbines to a maximum height of 130 metres (to vertical
blade tip) with ancillary infrastructure including substation, access tracks and crane
hardstandings, temporary construction compound and improvements to access on
to A47 

Site address: Willow Hall Farm Willow Hall Lane Thorney Peterborough

Environmental Statement
The nature of this proposal means that an environmental impact assessment has had to be carried out. This means that the applicant has had to make an assessment of the possible positive and negative impacts the proposed development may have on the environment.
An Environmental Statement has been prepared by the applicant and sets out what steps are
proposed to be taken to either reduce any potential negative impact or provide positive
enhancements to the surrounding environment. This statement is available to view online for free as part of this application. Hard copies may also be obtained by contacting the applicant/agent directly,
please note they may charge a fee for providing this document.
The Council is obliged to take into account the Environmental Statement when considering the
current proposal.
Hard copies of the Environmental Statement can be obtained from the
developer/agent – Contact: Mr Antony Harding Turley Associates 9 Colmore Row
Birmingham West Midlands B3 2BJ . Please note stocks may be limited and there
may be a charge.
Viewing the details of the application and making comments
If you wish to view this application you can do so online at
If you do not have access to the internet you can use the internet terminals in public libraries or at the Council’s Customer Service Centre at Bayard Place, Broadway.
Bayard Place opening times:
09:00am – 5:00pm Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday
11:00am – 5:00pm Wednesday
Closed Weekends and Bank Holidays
Please ensure you have this letter or the reference number to assist in viewing the application.
If you are unable to access either of the above, please contact us.
If you wish to comment on this application you should ensure that your written comments are
received by Friday 15 August 2014. Comments received after this date will be taken into
consideration only if the application has not already been determined.
You can submit your comments either:
• by writing to the above address
• by email to
• online at
Please ensure you quote the reference number and supply your contact details, and be aware that comments you send to us will be available to view on a public file.
Public exhibition
A Public exhibition is also to be held to provide an opportunity for viewing the documents of the
planning application on:-
· Thursday 10th July 2014 between 1:30pm and 7:30pm at Bedford Hall, Station Road, Thorney, PE6 0QE.
Officers from the Planning Service will be on hand to help you, and you will have the opportunity to submit your comments on reply slips provided at the venue.
How this application will be dealt with
The application will be considered by the City Council’s Planning and Environment Committee
(unless called in by the Secretary of State). No date has yet been set for this meeting. Everyone
who has submitted comments will be notified of the Committee meeting date and time by way of
Tracking this application
The Council’s Planning and Building online facility also enables you to track the progress of this
application and receive updates via email. To use this facility you will need to register a user accounton the website. Go to for more details.
Should you wish to discuss this application please contact the case officer whose details are at the top of this letter.


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Willow Hall Wind Farm – Public consultation

Below are details about REG POWERs latest community consultation events where they are outlining plans to build wind turbines near to Eye.

10th June 3pm-8pm
Tankyard, Station Road, Thorney,
Peterborough PE6 0QE

11th June 12.30pm-5.30pm
Eye High Street, Eye
Peterborough PE6 7UP