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French Farm Wind turbine committee meeting. Peterborough City Council 4th February 5.30pm in the Reception Room

Please attend and show your opposition to wind turbines which will destroy the heritage landscape in Thorney.

More details to follow.

Apologies for not updating but have not been able to recently.  Will try to update more frequently in future.

Many thanks for your continued support.


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Would you like to write an objection to the Solar Farms at Newborough and Morris Fen – Then please read this

Here is the standard objection template:

You can hand this in at the Bull or the Hairdressers and we will hand it in for you.

If you would like to add more details to this letter you can use this help sheet.

It was kindly donated to us by a friend of the group to help residents unfamiliar with planning law.  It is not comprehensive but it might be a good starting point for some of you.

If you would like to email to

Then put the subject as:

FAO: A. McSherrey 12/01906/R3FUL , 12/01905/R3FUL & 12/01904/R3FUL.

Thankyou for your help – together we can save our beautiful and unique landscape.



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Reminders – Next NLPG meeting 5th March – Thorney Golf Course 7pm start; Full Council 6th March at Council Chambers

We are still having our NPLG meeting on 5th March to update everyone about the delay to planning and what we have been doing recently.

We would also like people to come to Full Council on the 6th as it is the meeting where the budget is going to be discussed.  Clearly the energy park is the Cabinet’s secret weapon which will solve all of their financial problems.  Please attend to see if you agree.

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Sustainability Scrutiny Meeting Monday 19th November

Cllr David Harrington has managed to call another scrutiny committee to discuss the poor handling of the proposed Wind and Solar Farms by Peterborough City Council.

He is focusing upon the lack of consultation and the manner the City Council have driven on with this shocking proposal without addressing the concerns of local residents.

If you would like to support his objection then:

a) Write an email outlining the lack of consultation you have received and how you feel the plan will affect you.  Please email to ASAP.  It is also essential that they copy David Harrington in so he is aware of any objections.

b) Attend the Scrutiny meeting on 19th November 5.30pm at the Council Chamber to show your support.

Apologies for the short notice but the council have only just released details.