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Recent coverage in the press

Two recent stories in the press

ITV News:

Daily Mail:


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Stop the wind farm! Send an objection letter before the 6th November. Just use the template and send!

URGENT: Please send a letter objecting to the Mast.  This is necessary to start the wind farm process.  If 100 objections are sent we have an excellent chance of stopping this in its development stage!  The deadline is the 6th November 4pm.

Send it to:

Miss A McSherry; Peterborough City Council; Planning Services; Stuart House East Wing; St. John’s Street; Peterborough, PE1 5DD

or contact


Cabinet Report Published 26/10/12. Latest plans for Peterborugh City Council Solar and Wind Farms

Here are the main documents:

Public Consultation Pack

Intended Time Scales

Financial Plans (Notice the lack of detail – where is the transparency and detailed breakdowns of costs)

Impact on Tenant Farmers

Council Report


Intended sites: Solar and Wind

Newborough Farms: Solar and Wind

Morris Farm: Solar and Wind

America Farm: Solar

Comments and overview will be provided once we have had chance to read them carefully.

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Success for Uffington and Tallington campaign

Good news for residents of Uffington and Tallington as the application to build 2 wind turbines near them has been withdrawn (see for updates). This proves that a strong and vocal campaign against renewable energy proposals can make an impact.

We must take strength from this news and keep fighting.

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Council vote to accept a review of the proposed Wind and Solar Farm 10.10.12

Full story to follow

Cllr Harrington’s motion to stop the proposed Wind and Solar Farms was undermined by Cllr. Sandford (leader of the Liberals) whose amendment was passed by 23 to 21 votes.

There was a lot of demonstration in the public gallery as one or two of the councillors made unfortunate accusations against the tenant farmers and their supporters.  Other councillors brought shame on themselves by playing on their Ipads whilst the future of several communities hung in the balance.  Once upon a time Britain was proud of its agricultural heritage.

Whilst Sandford’s decision to undermine Harrington’s motion is disappointing,  we must be practical.  The amendment has requested a review into the proposal which Cllr. Cereste has indicated will allow the local residents and tenant farmers to share their views.

It is imperative that we do this and show our solidarity in support of our tenant farmers and the future of our community.  Do we want to see our local community surrounded by 8 foot high corrugated iron fences where once we saw hard working farmers? Do we want to see the solar farms attract metal thieves and other criminals into our community? Do we want to see our house prices plummet?  Do you want to have a voice or are you willing to be a member of the silent majority who complain to your neighbours about how you hate the new solar park and wind turbines in 2-3 years time when they are built?

Please write an objection letter or attend one of our meetings.

Full report of the council meeting will follow.

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Peterborough Landscape Protection Group and Newborough Young Farmers ask difficult questions at Full Council 10.10.12

A full report will be published later.

2 representatives from Newborough Young Farmers and Newborough Landscape Protection Group asked questions about the proposed Wind and Solar Farm sites at Full Council on 10 October 2012.

Their questions challenged Marco Cereste and his cabinet about their proposal to use Grade 1 agricultural land for other purposes.  These questions were in support of Cllr. Harrington’s motion to stop the development of the Wind and Solar Parks.

More to follow

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Peterborough City Council suggests that the Wind and Solar Farm is not 3000 acres but 900 acres

Peterborugh City Council (PCC) had an extraordinary meeting discussing the proposed Wind and Solar Farm.  It is suggested that the feasibility report recommends a total use of 900 acres for the renrewable parks.

This may appear to be good news and suggest your campaigning has had an impact.  Yet tenant farmers will still be losing the land which makes their businesses viable.  The figures that PCC have quoted in their July Report no longer seem honest.  In fact there are indications that a gamble with £100 – 450 million pounds is likely to give at best a return of £1.5 million a year for 20-25 years.  £30-42 million rather than the $100+ million quoted by the councils report from July.

It is highly likely that policing the solar farms and the impact upon local infastructure will cost more than £1.5 million a year.

There are other more farming and community solutions out there.  Does PCC want to “punch above its weight” by becoming innovative or just trudging down a path which could potentially lead to more significant cuts to Peterborough services.

A more detailed and accurate report will be written once the figures are released by the council.