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Further Reading and Documents

Below you will find links to pdf’s and webpages which contain more information.

Documents about these proposed Wind and Solar Farms

Documents regarding Peterborough City Councils Proposals published 26th October 2012 <new>

Peterborough City Council’s Proposals introduced in the Cabinet Meeting 10th July 2012.

AECOM’s letter to farmers and their report which suggests that it will have a significant impact upon our communities (but deemed acceptable!) Read the letter here; Pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Peterborough City Council’s reply to concerns raised at the first meeting of the Newborough Landscape Protection Group 4th September 2012.

Peterborough City Council’s FAQ about Solar and Wind Farm

Peterborough City Council’s General Statement about the proposal

Other useful links

Lincolnshire County Council’s Position on Windfarms (They oppose new windfarms which will endanger farming and communities – Peterborough City Council do not appear to care about the impact upon hardworking families)

Dr Amanda Harry’s Report on the impact of Windfarms on people’s health. (2007)

The National Opposition to Windfarms home page.

Experience of Davis Family of North Drove Bank, Spalding, written in 2009. It is important to note that the Davis family did not object to the wind farm in the planning stage as they did not believe there would be any issues for them.

In 2008 a Lincolnshire Valuation Tribunal acknowledged the Davis’ property had been devalued and reduced their Council Tax Banding. In 2011 the Davis family won an out of court settlement against the land owner and wind farm operators. Read about this here.

Other local campaigns

Uffington and Tallington.

Ketton & Tinwell – a successful campaign as planning application for the 2 turbines has been withdrawn.

Treadings Bank Wind Farm affecting Tydd St Giles, Sutton St Edmund, Gorefield, Newton
& Parsons Drove.

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One thought on “Further Reading and Documents

  1. Hi we live on willow hall lane and planning has been put in for 5 turbines, closing on 15th August, yet there is hardly any action being taken to motivate others to object to this? These are still within Thorney , but it seems that as the gores farm and solar farms are pretty much dead in the water, people have lost interest in other proposals in the area. This is disappointing from those in immediate proximity to willow hall lane, who have supported the fight against all other proposals, such as French farm, America farm etc. yet the support is not returned for those here. When will objection letters be posted on here for willow hall, as the closing date is less than two weeks away?

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