Newborough Landscape Protection Group

Help us to protect our community

The landscape and heritage we want to protect

The villages and countryside that connect Peterborough to the Fens are currently undervalued. So much so that Peterborough City Council are looking to destroy our landscape with a massive industrialisation of the countryside on a level without precedent.

Wind turbines which destroy bats and birds. Solar panels which will destroy the soil and any organic archaeology beneath them. These sites will also be surrounded by high vis security fences and barbed wire. Turning countryside into an industrial zone is immoral and unnecessary. With so many people offering alternative plans why is Peterborough City Council not listening?

To make people aware of what we are going to lose – over the next few weeks we will create a guide to our area.


Flag Fen  and Must Farm are the real reason Peterborough should be famous.  Peterborough has some of the most significant Bronze Age sites in the world.   These are not the only sites in this area.

Visit back soon to find out about other National Monuments in this area.


This area is blessed with lots of  County Wildlife Sites.  Freshwater Drain and Catchwater Drain are just two of these sites.  Hosting bats, birds, newts, reptiles and unique flora – our countryside is beautiful.

Visit back soon to find out some of the spots that are worth visiting.


The very fact our landscape is flat is what makes it beautiful.  You can see for miles (not necessarily if all you can see are wind turbines)  We would like young and old photographers to show off those beautiful landscapes which make this part of the country unique.  Stunning sunsets, crisp blue skies mirrored above pale yellow fields in the summer, the wild and unfettered scenery of the winter, and of course the lush green fields set off by intricate cloudscapes in the spring.

Our gallery will be opening soon.

Local Businesses

While you are appreciating our countryside why not pop in to some local businesses to try local produce or see the people that work in this area.

Our local business guide will be opening soon.


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