Newborough Landscape Protection Group

Help us to protect our community

How to Help

Here is a list of some things you can do to help protect your local community.

1) Download our poster – Print it out – Put one in your car and in your window.

There are also 2 poster packs: Newborough and Thorney

2) Subscribe to our site by clicking the Subscribe button on the right hand side menu.  This will mean that you will receive an email telling you about new posts.  By subscribing you we can show Peterborough City Council how many people are against these proposals.  

3) Add us to your facebook, twitter or social networking site and tell as many people as you can about how Peterborough City Council want to destroy Newborough.

4) Download our petition . Get as many people as you can to sign it – then please bring it along to one of our meetings or post it with an objection letter to your councillor. (Letter templates can be found here)

5) Write a letter to Stewart Jackson asking him to forward your concerns to the DCLG. 

6) Write an objection to these plans.

7) If you have a Conservative councillor (other than David Sanders who is fighting to protect Thorney) write them a letter telling them that their continued support for this plan will result in you voting against them in the next local elections. (Most councillors are fighting re-election in 2014)

8) Keep your eyes open for rare and endangered species on or around any of the sites and pass any findings (With photos if possible) onto us.

9) Write a letter of concern direct to the DCLG. Contact details are:

Eland House

Bressenden Place

Telephone030 3444 0000

10) Write a letter of objection to your councillor. Here you can find some templates and the contact details of the councillors.

If you have a good story to share about how this proposal will affect your life or livelihood then then please send a letter or email to the Peterborough Evening Telegraph. Contact details can be found here.

If you have some spare time and want to help then please send an email using this link.  With the subject “I want to help” and we can contact you directly.

Please read our copyright notice here


One thought on “How to Help

  1. Although I don’t live in the immediate area, as a grandmother, I am extremely concerned about the proposed solar farms. It seems local and national government think the green belt is dispensable, but in my view it is a food factory.

    The more green belt we destroy means we have to import more, which will potentially make Britain vulnerable to price increases from suppliers.

    Surely we should be putting solar panels on rooves, wind turbines off shore and housing estates on brown field sites. I live in Kettering and have family in and around Cambridge all of whom will indirectly be affected in one way or another. Good luck with your campaign.

    Best wishes,
    Pauline Radley

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