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Milking Nook Turbine at Long Meadow – Deadline for Objections extended to 9 June – template for objection available here

(Whilst this group is not active against this proposal – we will support local residents who wish to protect Milking Nook and Peakirk)


We just received this information tonight.  No reason has been given to us yet.

This proposal threatens a Bronze Age Barrow, the Countryside conservation area around Freshwater Drain, Barn Owl nests and potential Bat roosting.  A wind turbine would be catastrophic for these.

If you would like to object then we have received this template from a local resident.

Download it here

Feel free to edit it – this application uses the local planning guidelines to make the objections more focused. (If you would like to do the same for Newborough, Morris Fen and America Farms you can read the plan here)

If you would like to email it send it to

FAO: M.Roberts 13/00438/FUL


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Would you like to write an objection to the Solar Farms at Newborough and Morris Fen – Then please read this

Here is the standard objection template:

You can hand this in at the Bull or the Hairdressers and we will hand it in for you.

If you would like to add more details to this letter you can use this help sheet.

It was kindly donated to us by a friend of the group to help residents unfamiliar with planning law.  It is not comprehensive but it might be a good starting point for some of you.

If you would like to email to

Then put the subject as:

FAO: A. McSherrey 12/01906/R3FUL , 12/01905/R3FUL & 12/01904/R3FUL.

Thankyou for your help – together we can save our beautiful and unique landscape.



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Morris Fen Planning Committee meeting moved to 17th June

Those of you who have been helping us fight this naive council’s plans to convert prime Agricultural land into an Industrial site will not be surprised by this decision.

This time it appears as if they need a legal advisor to oversee the proceedings now.  Is this the same legal advisor who threatens and gags members of the public when engaging in the democratic process.

It is also interesting that the news to move the meeting has been decided minutes before the PCC break up for Easter.  A good day for burying more embarrassing news.

As we take a short break for Easter as well we will leave you with the children’s tale “The Emperor with no clothes”

I wonder if anyone is going to brave enough to tell our Emperor that the expensive designs he has paid for are …

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Toneham Wind Farm – Important meeting 8th April at Thorney Parish Council (7pm)

West Coast Energy have just agreed to present to the Parish Council Monday 8th April at 7pm.   They will be using this opportunity to “reassure” local people.

Please attend to tell West Coast Energy that we will not:

Have our homes devalued, our health destroyed by unbearable sound and light pollution or our countryside devastated and local species slaughtered just so they can make a few million.

Virtually every other council across the country says no to WIND.  They respect the wishes of their citizens.

West Coast Energy are only here because they know Peterborough City Council are pro-wind.  Peterborough City Council appear not to care about the people of Thorney.  They are already planning to destroy Morris Fen with giant solar panels, an electric sub-station and another plan to further destroy Thorney with their own wind turbines in 2014.  If Peterborough City Council do not stop Toneham Wind Farm our historic village will be totally surrounded by Industrial sites which will destroy our countryside and community.  There is a chance that Thorney will become a ghost town.

Please attend this meeting and tell them that we will not let their greed destroy our community.