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Energy Plans could bankrupt the Council

Read the full story about the risks PCC are taking over the Solar Parks.  Also how they failed to heed freely available information about archaeology in the local area.

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Peterborough MP opposes the latest wild idea to sell Peterborough land.

Read the article about the latest ill conceived plan to sell land to Kensington for social housing.  At a time when there are nearly 10,000 families on the housing waiting list in Peterborough.  Our schools are at maximum capacity and over £1 million a week is used just to keep our hospital open.

Oh and does anyone remember Cereste’s promise that he would save us £100’s on our energy Bills.

Read the comments on this article – it seems as if most people are being offered Bills at a higher tariff than they are already on.

Read PCCs own page and you will see that the electricity is not being offered by Solar Farms as Cereste claimed – instead it is being offered by Scottish Power – who are known for being one of the most expensive electricity providers.  Read here

The bottom line is that we are being fed confusing information to muddy the water – we already know that Cereste is muddying the water by talking about £110 million profit from the Energy Farms – (£90 million of this profit is from wind which is not even in planning yet)  The real figure is c.20 million profit from 25 years.  Is this worth putting the council in debt of £61 million next year.  A big risk for a little gain.

All the while nurseries are being shut, meals on wheels closed and care homes emptied.

Help us to stop this poorly thought out plan.


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Making a Freedom of Information Request

If you would like to find out more about the plans and you cannot find them on the PCC’s webpage – then you are entitled to ask for information.

First of all check on the PCC webpage that the information does not already exist. Click here and look at the FAQs or use the search function.

Then submit an online FOI request by clicking here

Make sure that you make your question specific – do not just write “I want to know all about the Solar Farms”

Instead think carefully about what you want to know – do you want to know about funding, the amount spent on consultancy or anything else not disclosed in the planning application.

Good Luck and remember to share your findings with the group at


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Meetings: 22nd February@ 7.00 pm Newborough Parish Hall; 5 March 2013@ Thorney Golf Club, Thorney

Friday 22nd – we are hoping to see Stewart Jackson and local councillors Dave Sanders, David Harrington and Ed Murphy.

5 March we are planning to go to Thorney to help plan for upcoming planning committee meeting 11 March at 1.30pm